Material Master Data Solutions

On-Site MRO - Data Collection

On-site physical part identification, storeroom survey, and data collection services performed by MROGS's own MRO Spare Parts experts.

Material Master Data Cleansing

Industry leading MRO Data Cleansing services combine software and manual expertise to deliver the most accurate, consistent, and complete data, while maximizing ROI.

Material Master Data Governance

Web-based MRO Data Governance services ensure ongoing data integrity, consistency and compliance.

On-Site MRO & Indirect Materials Data Collection

Over time, MRO storerooms become filled with parts that are undocumented and/or unaccounted for within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. As a result, companies are unable to gain accurate spend visibility and effectively manage their assets. Additionally, maintenance personnel struggle to find parts when they need them and often end up order items that already exist on storeroom shelves. That’s where MROGS comes in. We assign on-site subject matter experts to physically identify parts in your storeroom, while recording pertinent data for entry into the enterprise system. While we’re there, we can also tidy the place up so that maintenance personnel can locate parts with ease and efficiency.

How It Works

Based on the scope of work to be performed, MROGS will assign a dedicated group of on-site subject matter experts equipped with android tablets to identify, record and transmit detailed MRO part information. MROGS will then prepare the acquired data according to pre-defined standards using Data Cleansing services and return the completed dataset in a load-ready file.

MRO Material Master Data Cleansing

MROGS understands that each customer and industry is unique, therefore, materials data must be cleansed accordingly. Using a strategic combination of automated and manual procedures, along with industry best practice standards, MROGS is able to tailor data to the specific business and system requirements of each customer. Throughout the process, MROGS standardizes, enhances, and validates raw data to provide a material master that is consistent, attribute-rich, and free of duplication. Once clean, materials data is then formatted to meet the specific configuration requirements of the chosen ERP/EAM/CMMS, including field type, character limitation, and data arrangement.
We generate 60 character SAP Short description and Purchase Order Text(PO Text) as per your ERP system.

Data Example: Ball Brg 25mm 62052rs Skf

Level 1 | Cleanse : Standardize Manufacturer Name and Part Number, Assign Noun-Modifier Naming Convention
Example: BEARING, BALL, 6205-2RS, SKF

Level 2 | Standardization : Standardize Manufacturer Name and Part Number, Assign Noun-Modifier Naming Convention, Standardize and Validate Existing Part Description
Example: BEARING, BALL, 25MM ID, 6205-2RS, SKF

Level 3 | Enhancement : Standardize Manufacturer Name and Part Number, Assign Noun-Modifier Naming Convention, Standardize and Validate Existing Part Description, Enhance Description with Additional Attribute Information

MRO Material Master Data Governance

Getting your Material Master clean is only half the battle, keeping it that way can be just as challenging without the proper tools and process. Fortunately, MROGS offers an innovative web-based Data Governance solution for maintaining long-term data integrity, consistency and compliance. Through a user-friendly web-based interface called MRO-Intelligence, users simply login and submit new item creations and modifications using customized request forms, which follow a role-based workflow to provide efficient data governance and duplicate prevention.
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